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I have never liked the Big Bang theory and over the last 40 odd  years have waited for an alternative. I found nothing however and  eventually resolved to come up with something better myself. My first  task was to identify exactly what was causing my problems.

The Big Bang scenario is attributable to the  observation that in every direction the bodies of  the Cosmos appear to  be moving away from us which meant that going back in time everything  was together in a solid and unstable mass which duly exploded into the  present cosmos.

The reasoning behind this view is that all stellar  bodies are showing a red shift in their images. Thanks to Dr Vesto  Slypher this was attributed to Doppler Shift and led directly to a  theory of an expanding Universe. Numerous researchers  then contributed  observations to the effect that all interstellar distances were subject to velocities of recession and that those  velocities were also subject to variation as in being higher with greater distances. One then  simply selected a recognisable set of spectral lines in the incoming  light, established its red shift and thus derived it’s distance from us.

This proved to be a very useful tool and rapidly  gained the status of theory and on this, much new work was based. A lot of Albert Einstein’s work was not affected by any of this and was used in combination to produce ever greater works of theoretical cosmology.

Eventually this wonderful period of scientific  understanding came to an end when it began to fail in the context of  the amount of matter observed in the Universe is  limited (observed that is by taking a representative sample then extrapolating to the  whole). A vast shortfall in fact resulted but rather than scrapping the flawed reasoning the concept of Dark Matter was introduced. The  missing matter was assumed to be in a form invisible to us and  undetectable by any of our instrumentation or techniques.

This is where I lost patience with it all and went off on my own